The truth

When death turns from a fear into Curiosity


The roots of evil are sprouting

Sophomore year has started and there is no more Tyler in my life. Maybe i just wasn’t ready for relationships just yet, maybe i should focus on finding a best friend to go through high school with. The thought of finding a best friend was the worst/ best thing i ever made in my life. Fourth period i walked into my geometry class and sat with a friend that i kinda knew and her name was Violet Bright, right as the bell rang, of course, Ann runs in late as always. When she walked in she looked quit disappointed because she didn’t know anyone there either, so she looked at me and violet and gave an awkward smile and sat with us.

…couple mouths later…

After sitting with Ann at the same math table for a couple months i ended up just forgiving and forgetting because she actually ended up being a really cool girl that i happened to to have a lot in common with! A couple of weeks after the first day of school a girl named Ashley joined our table and we all 4 had a great time. This was around Christmas time so we decided to do a secret Santa and how we picked each others names changed our lives for the rest of high school. i got Ann and Ann got me, Violet got Ashley and Ashley got Violet. After we exchanged gifts me and Ann became super close and so did Violet and Ashley. the group of 4 slowly started to come apart and it slip in two. Ann was my best friend and we conquered the world together and each other was all we needed. The knot on the blind fold that she put on me, tightened, and i wouldn’t be able to take it off by myself. But for now i was comfortable just where i was. I had found a best friend to go through high school with.


The root of all evil

The root of all evil is different for everyone, it could literally be anything such as:

  • money
  • love
  • an ex
  • temptation
  • food
  • jealousy

I could go on for hours but mine, unfortunately, mine is none of those. mine is something 10 times worse than any of those combine and it too me 2 years to figure out just how evil this thing could be. For me, the root of all evil is a girl. No I’m not bi, this girl was my friend and not just any friend, my best friend. I’m a shy girl and she came into my life and put a blindfold over my eyes and two years later when my perfect boyfriend took it off of me, i realized the horrible destruction that i would later have to repair because of her. Her name was Ann Parker. Ann was in my program at school, so we had a few classes together and i knew who she was but id never talked to her before until one day in our freshmen algebra 1 class when she told me that MY boyfriend (not current boyfriend) was gonna be late to school today and to not worry about him because hes on his way. My look on my face was extremely puzzled because i had never spoken to her before and the first thing she says to me is information about MY boyfriend. She must have seen the puzzled look that i was giving her and she said “I’m sorry, let me back up a minute” she giggled “My name is Ann Parker and your boyfriend is Tyler Golightly, right?”  I still looked quite confused but i mumbled out a “yes?” I swallowed my confusion and just said thank you and took my seat because i don’t like confrontation, but no matter what i couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t text me and tell me that he was gonna be late and not her. later he ended up telling me that she was an old friend of his since like the 3rd grade and i just kinda pushed it to the back of my mind and let it go.  couple months past, Ann and I don’t speak except for awkward smiles and waves in the halls and the few classes we had together but then homecoming is around the corner and of course me and Tyler are going together. Little did i know, Ann was going as well but alone. As soon as me and Tyler walk in, Ann runs up and gives Tyler a big hug like i wasn’t even there and of course she didn’t leave our side the whole dance. honestly she didn’t annoy me like i thought she would have. Ann and I became fast friends. The dance got over at 11 and of course the last song is the slow dance and it felt like me and Tyler were the only people at the dance because it was so perfect, 3 minutes of absolute perfection. I called my mom and told her that we were ready to go after our slow dance and before we left I told him that I was going to use the restroom and to wait by the drinks. When i got out of the bathroom, i walked over to the drinks where Tyler was gone. i walked outside to see if my mom had already gotten here and he was just with her but when i got outside him and Ann were kissing. Watching that happen right before my eyes was literally heart breaking. I broke down right in the parking lot and Tyler turned around and ran over to comfort me but i pushed him away from me and got in the car without him and left. He walked home that night and two weeks later i took  him back which was the biggest mistake of my life because at the end of our 9 mouth relationship, he ended cheating on me 9 times and moved to Newport Richey (an hour away from where i live) behind my back. But regardless of what horrible things Tyler did to me, this was my first encounter with evil.

This is me!

Hi my name is Veronica Truemen and this blog is because i need to vent and i used to have dairy but my boyfriend found it and tried to read the personal things in there, so i burned it to keep the personal contents that were inside, personal! Now don’t get me wrong, i love my boyfriend, its not like i’m cheating on him or doing something wrong, its just i need something to myself and that’s why i’m trying this. One more very important thing that you need to know about me is that i will only tell you one lie in this whole blog and I’ve currently already told it to you. my name is not Veronica Truemen, i honestly just pulled it out of ass 5 minutes ago, but if i want to keep this private then that’s what i have to do. but since i don’t give you my name, i will put a real picture of myself and my boyfriend on my title thingy, also this one lie about my name includes every name in my blog, they are real people in my life, just fake names.  my boyfriends name is Jacob Truemen. Now i know what you’re thinking, no we are not married but our real last name just so happens to be the same in real life because its very common last name and everyone likes to make jokes that we are cousins but we are not, its just a common last name (**hint** its a name of a beer). I will tell you the real stories that are/have currently occurred in my life, and i will be uploading every Wednesday. I mean ill post when ever i feel i need to vent but it will at least be every Wednesday because i can be a very busy person ( sometimes ).